Dr. Carter, Kim & the rest of the amazing team,

I don’t know how to find the appropriate words to adequately convey how much we appreciate all the kindness & respect with which each of you treated our dear Daisy with throughout her care & journey, from the very first time we walked through your doors, right to the end.

The reception staff has always been so helpful, courteous and patient; we really felt so welcomed & a part of a family-like team.

Carmen, my dear, you are worth your weight in gold.  What an honor to have you as our vet!  You treated “little Miss Daisy” with the utmost of integrity & quality of care.  During the process of making that enormously difficult decision, in the end I leaned heavy on your words of wisdom & insight, and your spirit of much needed solidarity.

Kim, you entered our home with reverence & quiet strength and your words comforted me so when you voiced how calm Daisy was.  I was so emotionally vulnerable & raw at that time, I was sensitive to everything around me – a glance, a tone, the simplest action and both you and Carmen were amazing.

We know, as Daisy did, she…we, were in the best of hands.  You have “a calling” more than a vocation, each of you!

God bless,


Hope, George & on behalf of Daisy

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