Nov 19 2014

Young Rescue Dogs for Adoption!!

Dr. Buxton, Sheri and Kim returned from Mexico early last week, where they were volunteering their time for the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue spay/neuter clinic (check out our Facebook page for more stories and photos).  They brought home some wonderful dogs for adoption, to give them a chance at a good healthy loving life in Canada.


– healthy, spayed female, approx 8 months old
– 10 lbs (fully grown)
-super friendly, loves to play and cuddle
-good with dogs, cats and kids
-she is learning her potty training, but still needs some help
– vaccinated and dewormed






-What a great underbite!!
-Spayed, female, approx 8 months old
-35-40 lbs (fully grown)
-Very friendly, good with people
-not good with small dogs/cats
-her hind leg was recently amputated due to injury but she is running around like a totally normal happy dog
-vaccinated, dewormed

See her video on our Facebook page




Nina & CaneloC&N-Original


-a pair of sweet, friendly Daschunds
-Nina (mother of Canelo) is approx. 3 years old, is spayed(she’s on the left)
-Canelo (right) is approx 2 yrs , neutered
-Both came from a home in Mexico where they were essentially ignored and left outside

-need some help with potty training
-Canelo has a broken hip (likely from abuse) but we expect him to make a full recovery




Adoption fee of $300 includes all vaccines, spaying and deworming, and all the money goes back to Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) to support the care of other Mexican dogs in foster care, as well as to finance the spay/neuter clinics in April and November each year.

If interested please contact the office at 604-526-0334 or email at [email protected]


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