Jan 30 2014

Lady Needs a Home

LadyAt the moment Lady is being cared for by a foster family in Burnaby – please read on to hear how they describe Lady and if you are interested in meeting her, please contact our office at 604-526-0334, or send us an email at  [email protected]

Lady is about 10 months old, a cross between a red Doberman and a Weimaraner.  She currently weighs about 50 lbs and though she is probably at her full height she may muscle up a little more before she’s done.  She came from a very rough start in Mexico and almost didn’t make it. Like so many dogs who start out that way, Lady is a gentle and angelic little thing.

This is simply a lovely dog.  She is absolutely charming — gentle, a bit timid at first, and will steal your heart in mere moments.  She is joyful, affectionate, snuggly, very playful, and very funny.  Lady is an on-the-furniture dog, but we have kept her off our bed. She has a wicker basket-bed which she loves, and a big crate for when we go out.

I have found Lady to be highly trainable and eager to please.  She responds really well to food rewards but quickly transitions to praise and affection instead.  She’s very quick to learn new words; since arriving here in September as a lovely willing dog with no training, she’s learned sit, stay (in progress), wait, watch me, off, up, foot (let me wipe off your muddy paw), gentle, kennel, basket, outside, etc.  She has also become fully housetrained.

Lady looks like a Weimaraner and is true to the Weim type in two important ways.  First, her exercise requirements are significant.  She requires a minimum of an hour of exercise daily.  Her favorite activity is off-leash walking/hiking in parks and trails.  An hour of that kind of exercise each day plus a short walk in the evening will keep her healthy and sane.  Lady needs a family that can deliver that without difficulty.  As a bonus, watching this dog running full-out is a thing of beauty; she’s a natural athlete, lithe and fast.

A word of warning, though:  the exercise thing is serious.  Inadequately exercised, she will be destructive and shred things in your home with astonishing skill.

The second issue that  Lady shows is separation anxiety.  A crate will keep her – and your belongings – safe, but anxiety can set in and cause her to over-groom her feet, which results in sore spots.  So Lady also needs to be with a family in which there is almost always somebody at home. Another dog to play with would be perfection.

If you are interested in Lady please contact us.




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