Dec 10 2013

Dogs for Adoption

We have a number of dogs needing homes!


Dr. Buxton, Tracy and Tiffany have just returned from a wonderful week in Mexico, where they were volunteering their time for the Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue spay/neuter clinic. In just four days, 241 dogs and cats were spayed or neutered!!! They have brought home some wonderful pets for adoption, to give them a chance at a good healthy loving life in Canada.


We have several young healthy dogs for adoption. These dogs have all been given a health check, and are ready to go to their new Canadian homes. Some will go home with medication, deworming pills, etc to clear up minor issues which are common in Mexico. These will be included in the adoption fee.

Adoption Fee: $300

The adoption fee goes back to Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR) to support the care of other Mexican dogs in foster care, as well as to finance the spay/neuter clinics in April and November each year.

If you are interested in adopting, please contact us at 604-526- 0334 or at [email protected] In my experience, these dogs get adopted quickly, so if you are interested , then contact us right away. Some of the dogs will be at the clinic, and some will be in a foster home. We will be trying to match each puppy with a suitable home, but if there is more than one suitable home for each dog, then it will be “first come, first serve”!

Toby  1452289_538367962911610_1620787977_n– Adopted!!!

  • Male, neutered
  • Toilet trained
  • Vaccinated, dewormed
  • 6-8 months of age
  • Weighs approx. 24 lbs- will not grow much more
  • Sweet natured and very friendly
  • Likes to play ball, loves to sniff- he has some hound in him!
  • Not a water dog
  • Good with other dogs
  • Good with kids, loves people ( although would be best with kids over age 10)

Ideally Toby would do well with an active family, who like to hike, and go to soccer games on the weekends with the kids, etc.
Needs some basic training (leash walking, etc)

Sherlock – ADOPTED!!!!!   photo-45

  • Male, neutered
  • Weighs approx. 20lbs
  • Vaccinated, dewormed
  • Approx 6-7 months old

Playful, friendly, just wants to please Likes to have a companion, would be good in a house with other dog

Well socialized with 6 dogs and 2 cats Has been in foster home for several months

His Story: He was found in good condition by a housekeeper of a big house in Mexico. The house was empty when they all went to church. Locked up all the doors and windows. When they returned, they heard crying coming from inside the big house. Up stairs in a bedroom was a crying puppy. A complete mystery (hence the name Sherlock Holmes!) since all the doors to the house were still locked and no sign of how he got there.

It is a MYSTERY!

Dylon   photo-44– ADOPTED!!

  • Male, not neutered yet
  • 3-4 months old
  • Terrier x?
  • Playful, coy, loves toys…just the best! Very affectionate
  • Vaccinated ( first vaccines) , dewormed

His story: Found in an abandoned lot, crying. No mother or other littermates were with him.




Here is what she looks like today after all the work from the volunteers in Mexico

Here is what she looks like today after all the work from the volunteers in Mexico

  • Female, spayed
  • Boston bull terrier cross ?
  • Current weight 22 pounds- thought to be full grown now
  • Approx 1 year old
  • Very affectionate
  • Vaccinated, dewormed

Has been in a foster home in Mexico (Sarah) for several weeks, and then here in Canada for one week: here is what her Canadian foster mom says about her:

Manchas is a darling little dog! She was given to Sarah by her palm pruner, as he didn’t want her to die. He had rescued her, but came to Sarah not knowing what to do with the sick dog.

Manchas was starved to the point she could not walk and only weighed 3kg when she arrived at the hacienda. She had projectile diarrhea, and had it not been for excellent diarrhea medicine Sarah had on hand, she would not have made it through the night. The medicine got the diarrhea under control. Her blood test had showed terrible anemia, so Sarah kept at it with good, wholesome food and her weight doubled in one week, as did her energy! Manchas is just a love! She has a beautiful brindle coat that is very special, hence the name, Manchas, meaning small stripes or spots. She weighs in at 10kg now.

I have been fostering her for about a week, and in that time have made excellent progress with house training. Manchas is one of the most loving dogs I have ever met! She is cuddly and loves to be near people. She would make an excellent pet and really needs a home that will give her lots and lots of love. She still needs some attention in house training, and loves to chew, so needs toys.

Here is what poor little Manchas looked like when she was found.

Here is what poor little Manchas looked like when she was found.


Muneca (“Doll” in Spanish) – ADOPTED!!!!  Munec

  • Female, spayed
  • Vaccinated, dewormed
  • Approximately 6 months old

Playful, fun loving

Loves to cuddle

Walks well on a leash already!

Gets along well with dogs and cats

Her story: Her owners did not want her anymore so they threw hot oil on her face. Her face was severely burned, but has healed. Leaving her permanent damage to her tear ducts. Her eyes are fine, but she looks like she is crying! She doesn’t seem to care, she acts like a normal, happy boxer cross pup!



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