Client Testimonials

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    We would like to thank you for the wonderful care our dear Paddy received during her illness. You could not have been more kind or caring to her and us, in the difficult days she faced.  Seeing friendly faces as soon as we walked in, and there to offer help and answer questions – meant so much to us.

    Special thanks to Dr. Buxton, Dr. Graveling, Dr. Carter and Dr. Kates.  Also Maureen, Alison, Monica, Tracy, Marissa, Tiffany, Emilee, Cassia, Anne, Allana, Dayna – everyone at the clinic.  I know I have missed names but we do thank everyone at the clinic greatly.

    And also for the card you sent, with such nice comments about her, thank you.

    Gail, Hayley and family

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    Thanks so much!

    There are no words to express how grateful I am for the wonderful care you gave Stella over the past two weeks.  Not to mention the compassion shown to me….Stella coped with the entire ordeal much better than I did!

    Everyone is thrilled that life is back to normal and that Princess Stella is back home where she belongs!

    Thank you,

    Amber & Stella

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    Dear everyone,

    Thank you so much for being so caring of Pi.  I will always look upon you all with affection.

    My thanks to Dr. Buxton and Dr. Kates for seeing me through some tough times with Pi.

    Dr. Kates I cannot express my gratitude enough for the compassionate way you treated Pi (and me).

    It was so hard to let him go but you made it a little easier and for that I will always be grateful.

    Love Shirley

  • Some sincere words of thanks to the gang at South Burnaby.

    It is with some sadness that Deci and I must say farewell as we move out of province.  You are the most amazing team with the biggest hearts.  Deci is a happier dog because of your patience and compassion.


    Sandy & Deci

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    Dr. Carter, Kim & the rest of the amazing team,

    I don’t know how to find the appropriate words to adequately convey how much we appreciate all the kindness & respect with which each of you treated our dear Daisy with throughout her care & journey, from the very first time we walked through your doors, right to the end.

    The reception staff has always been so helpful, courteous and patient; we really felt so welcomed & a part of a family-like team.

    Carmen, my dear, you are worth your weight in gold.  What an honor to have you as our vet!  You treated “little Miss Daisy” with the utmost of integrity & quality of care.  During the process of making that enormously difficult decision, in the end I leaned heavy on your words of wisdom & insight, and your spirit of much needed solidarity.

    Kim, you entered our home with reverence & quiet strength and your words comforted me so when you voiced how calm Daisy was.  I was so emotionally vulnerable & raw at that time, I was sensitive to everything around me – a glance, a tone, the simplest action and both you and Carmen were amazing.

    We know, as Daisy did, she…we, were in the best of hands.  You have “a calling” more than a vocation, each of you!

    God bless,


    Hope, George & on behalf of Daisy

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    To the Doctors and staff at SBVH,

    Thank you for every effort made in Zachary’s behalf in attempts to bring him back to health.  I only had “baby Zach” for two short weeks but we bonded very quickly.  Zach was so affectionate and he had a lovely personality.  It was not to be but I loved him dearly while he was with me.

    Thank you also for the “Waggs & Whiskers” gift, it was much appreciated and I shall be forever grateful.

    You are all fantastic and our paths may cross again one day.



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    Dr. Buxton,

    Brian and I can never say “thank you” enough for your generosity with Sophie in our time of need.  Please accept this donation from Sophie for your charity “Waggs & Whiskers” to help other pets in need.

    -Brian & Carol

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    Thanks, you’re the greatest!  All of you!!

    Thanks to all of you for your care and love and e-mail updates to “my folks” when you took such great care of me!

    Love Stanley (the cat) and his family

  • Here is the handsome man himself up on Cypress Mountain 🙂

    I cannot thank all of you enough for such an amazing and memorable experience at your place. Ziggy loved going there because of the caring, hard-working and thoughtful people who work there. All of you took the extra time with both of us at every visit and phone call. I have recommended your office many times and will continue you. I wish I could take you guys with me, but I can’t so I will leave my handsome boys good looks with you instead. Thank you all again for all the wonderful work that you do, it was truly appreciated by both of us. We will keep you posted on our adventures!


    Katie and Ziggy


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