Jun 01 2013

Harietta and her Guardian Angel

Harietta2Harietta the cat came in because she had been attacked by three coyotes!!  It is amazing that she is alive given what happened and it is a reminder to all our cat owners about this very serious danger.  One coyote grabbed her right over her neck and head while another was trying to get at her hind end.  Her dad, Ron, did not think for a moment and just went and rescued her from the jaws of the coyotes.  While we can’t say enough how dangerous his actions could have been, when we look at Harietta now we are sure glad he did.  She was able to get away with only minor bite wounds.  She will be a little sore for a while, but she is alive thanks to her guardian angel – her loving dad.  Rest up and get well soon Harietta.

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