Aug 25 2012

Tiggy – our miracle boy!

 In November 2004 Tiggy, a magnificent red tabby Persian, joined our family.  We needed to have him have a health exam and contacted South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital.  At 3 ½ months old he was just a little red ball of fluff and we remember when Dr. Kates walked into the exam room and said “Hello Mr. Tiggs!”, instantly we loved her.  It was at 9 months of age, that things changed for us and Tiggy.  We started to have some concerns as he was making some unusual breathing sounds and so we took him in to the clinic for an exam.  This time it was Dr. Buxton who saw Tiggy.  Normally Persians will make some sound when breathing with that little nose of theirs, but this time it sounded different.  After taking a good look at Tiggy, Dr. Buxton had to pass along the shocking news that he had a heart murmur and also appeared to be suffering from feline asthma.  Further investigation of both of these illnesses was required.  We were devastated but knew we had to help Mr. Tiggy Bear.  So we booked him in for a cardiac ultrasound with the veterinary radiologist, Dr. Nieckarz.  Our young Tiggy was diagnosed with a very serious condition, called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and would need heart medication for the rest of his life.  Dr. Kates and Dr. Buxton both stressed to us how serious this was and that given his age and the severity of the disease, poor Tiggy’s life expectancy would be shortened.  In fact, most young cats diagnosed with the condition Tiggy has are not expected to live much past 4 years old.  Well we are happy to say that the treatment has been working as our Mr. Tiggs just turned 8 years old!  He is still a very happy (you should hear his purr & how he loves to knead his blankets!), extremely talkative and a playful guy (loves his laser light and feathers on a stick, oh and of course bugging his brother Harley Behr!). 

 Thank you to everyone at South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital, you are the BEST!  You have always treated my pets with all the love and attention as if they were your own.  Thank you for always taking the time to explain everything and help me understand the care needed for my kids.  We are so proud to be a part of the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital family.

 Story and Photos submitted by Tiggy’s family


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