Jul 27 2012

Emma & Harley



Emma was adopted from the SPCA in 2002 and she was approximately 7 months old at the time. They think she was a barn cat and we soon realized that her adjustment to apartment life was going to be difficult for her. She was very stressed and anxious around us for months and became aggressive if things didn’t go her way. She didn’t like being picked up or cuddled and preferred to be left alone. Then we discovered she was urinating in the house, and would even look us right in the eye and urinate on our rug or one of our towels! We did all of the appropriate testing to ensure she didn’t have a urinary tract infection and found that it was anxiety. Instead of using medication right away we turned to Feliway and it worked! She slowly became more easy going and her aggression faded. She was still anxious if strangers entered the apartment but was obviously a lot more comfortable.

Then we had another addition welcomed into our family in 2004, a 7 week old kitten named Harley that was abandoned. At first we were worried about how Emma would react and to our surprise she accepted him within days of bringing him home! Harley certainly keeps Emma on her toes and they are the best of friends, often snuggling in front of the fire together. We can’t believe there was a time that we wanted to give up on her and felt like maybe she was better off without us. It does get better with time and my biggest advice is never give up and PATIENCE is key. Who knew she would be sitting right next to me purring away while I type this.
Story and photo submitted by our receptionist Marissa
Sadly since Marissa submitted this story, Harley (seen here in the picture on the left) was diagnosed with a heart murmur and has recently suffered a blood clot and went into heart failure.  Marissa and her family made the humane decision to put Harley to sleep immediately.  Our hearts go out to her, Harley will be sadly missed.
All our love from your SBVH family.

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