Jun 14 2012

Woody & the Tempting Bones

Our family dog Woody has many idiosyncrasies one of which is a penchant for people food.  During the process of cooking and having dinner we are all very careful that Woody is either outside or snuggled onto his bed in the living room so as not to be left in the kitchen alone with food.  Later that night a plate of the bones made it to the kitchen counter but not into the garbage and when I got up in the morning I found bone fragments on Woody’s bed.

He had eaten his breakfast and seemed happy enough but I knew better than to just let the situation “digest” any further. I took him into work with me and Dr. Carter gave him exam and did not find anything outwardly concerning, to be cautious we decided to take an x-ray of his stomach and sure enough it was full of bones. We made the decision to not induce vomiting but to bulk up his diet for the next few days to surround the offending bones and facilitate their safe movement through Woody’s intestine.  I watched for any unusual signs (vomiting, depression, lethargy) all possible signs that the bones were not moving through properly. Thank goodness Woody is just fine, the bones went right through and we are now extra careful to not ever ever leave any food items out no matter how peacefully he appears to be snoozing or what time of the day or night it is.

Story and photo submitted by our Practice Manager Tracy

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