May 29 2012


I’d like to tell you about a cat that I’ve seen a lot of at the clinic lately. His name is Leslie and he is a 10 year old Ragdoll. I noticed him right away because we both have bright blue eyes! He seemed to really not be feeling well and so I asked him what was the matter. Leslie told me that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma recently after having an ultrasound by Dr.Janet Nieckarz here at the hospital and that he was here today for his cancer treatment. I asked him if he was nervous and he said that he was but that he knew his human mum Erin needed him to be brave for her. He told me that he was going to be cooperative with the technician and Dr.Kates so that he could get his treatment done and over with and go back home to be with his mum to be brushed and cuddled which always helped to make him feel a little better.  I watched him being carried to the Isolation ward in his favorite blanket to receive his first treatment and I did not hear one peep out of him! If it were me in his situation, I can’t say I would be as well behaved. Leslie is truly a special cat with the loveliest personality and I know that everyone at South Burnaby Vet Hospital hopes that his treatments continue to go well and that he’s feeling much better very soon.

Good luck Leslie, I’ll cross my paws for you my blue-eyed friend!


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