May 08 2012

Kola and her allergies


I see a lot of itchy dogs around here, so Kola’s story has always impressed me. She is a lovely black lab ( a rather nice dog, even for me), who has been plagued with skin allergies since she was about 1 year old. The doctors tried to control her itching with medication and special diet, but that never really helped. Back in 2005, the doctors decided to check her for allergies, and it turns out she was allergic to many things, including various grasses, trees, weeds and housedust. On the list was also cockroaches and cat hair! Good thing Kola’s owners didn’t have any pet insects or cats!  After finding out what Kola was allergic to, Dr. Buxton and Dr. Kates started “desensitizing” her , by giving her teeny tiny amounts of the stuff she is allergic to, every few days. It wasn’t long before Kola stopped itching completely, and her skin finally became normal. Kola is 9 years old now, has her allergy injections once a month, and is completely itch-free!

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