Apr 20 2012


Tuxedo Max

Twelve years ago, I was the happy owner of a 4year old naughty Tonkinese, whom I named Minnie. Minnie was a very beautiful lilac point and very sweet, but also very naughty. I was working full time and felt badly that she was left alone for so long, because she was very interactive and so I decided she needed a buddy.

A neighbour of mine was in touch with a cat rescue organization, so I told her I would be willing to adopt a male kitten. I didn’t care about breed or colour.  The rescue society had found mother cat with his 5 kittens after they had been left in an empty apartment with no food or water, after the residents moved away.  When they contacted me about adopting one of the kittens, I told the society I would not take him until he was at least 8 weeks old. What I found really amusing is that they insisted on coming to my home to ensure that it was kitten proof.  Who were they kidding!? I had lived with Minnie for 4 yrs!  When he arrived, – an 8 wk old tuxedo strolled out of his pet carrier with the attitude – “Yes! I am home“.  I made sure I was on vacation, not sure how Minnie would react to this new little kitten who I had decided to call Max. I did all the right things – separate feeding dishes – separate littler box. Max wasted no time introducing himself to Minnie – thinking she was his new Mom. She wanted nothing to do with him – hissing and rejecting his advances for 3 days. She was SO tired – I don’t think she slept for 3 days! He was so determined. Finally she realized he was here to stay and they touched noses.  A joyous moment!  Minnie gave Max a happy kittenhood and even allowed him to suckle her for a while, but they never became best buddies. Not cuddling up together, although they did play.

Max has suffered some health issues and is diabetic. He is a sweet cat – not very bright, but I love him. When we lost Minnie almost 2 yrs ago he was quite devastated. It took him some time to get over her passing, but now he is much more interactive with me – even licking my eyelids if he thinks I’ve overslept! I am thankful that he is so easy to medicate. His favourite time of day when I am home is 4:00pm when we spend an hour cuddling whilst we watch Ellen.

Story and photo submitted by our receptionist Maureen

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