Apr 16 2012

“A Fond Farewell”

“A Fond Farewell”

I noticed them in reception right away because the similarity in appearance threw me off guard! Twin dogs? I knew I would have to be extra careful as they probably were twice as fast as a regular dog when it came to chasing kitty cats. Luckily, they went into an exam room shortly after arriving. It turned out that these two were in fact sister Bichon Frise’s “Kate” and “Maggie”, not twins, and today was their last annual examination with their long-time vet, Dr.Michelle Kates. They are set to move to sunny Summerland with their owners this spring you see. About a half an hour later, they both pranced out of the exam room with clean bills of health and had one last nap in the sunshine while their parents settled things with the friendly reception staff. It was a “bittersweet occasion” they told me, because they are excited to move but they will surely miss Dr.Kates very much!

Goodbye Kate & Maggie, safe travels!

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