Apr 13 2012

Aces’ health scare

Aces’ Health Scare

On April 1st we were just starting our day when I saw Kim come in with little Aces.  Very worried, it would seem that Aces had suddenly become very lethargic and was non-responsive.  Dr. Dana Gibson was working that day and I watched as she immediately attended to Aces, placing her on oxygen and assessing her status.   Everyone was quick to try and help her.  Aces was so cold that her temperature did not register on the thermometer!  We quickly got her on a warmer and surrounded by heating bags.  Next the girls were able to obtain blood samples and take some x-rays in hopes of finding out what was happening.  After all that the next step was to place an intravenous catheter in her tiny little leg in order to get much needed fluid in to her (which as you can imagine was very difficult on such a small patient!).   Although Aces original wounds from her leg had healed and were doing well, there was concern about perhaps another infection somewhere (possibly pneumonia or meningitis).  We continued treatment throughout the day including antibiotics and within 5 hours she had greatly improved, moving around, vocalizing and acting more her normal self….whew what a relief!  Thankfully she continued to recover and is doing very well as you can see from her photo relaxing with her best buddy Leroy. It would seem that little Aces is really wanting to test the 9 lives theory about cats!

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