Mar 30 2012

Our kitten is doing well!

Aces gets a bath

Well it would seem our little girl Aces is doing very well.  She is now 3 ½ weeks old and is growing quickly, almost tripling in size already!  Her wound from her leg injury has healed well and Aces has started crawling around everywhere.  She really is a trooper and is not letting anything stop her.  Next step is to start on solid foods.  Our staff member Kim has fallen in love with Aces and has been caring for her since she arrived.  Kim tells me that she is a real snuggly kitten and her purr is like a lawn mower.  Now that she is moving about Aces is starting to interact with her and her little dog Leroy.  Apparently without any help from me, she has started to become really playful, swatting and chewing on Leroy (who loves every minute of it)!  Leroy has taken on a very parental role for Aces, giving her doggie baths (yuck).  Although I am not sure the alternative is better as I saw them giving her a bath at the clinic just the other day!

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