Mar 14 2012

Elmo- The Dog with 9 Lives

Elmo- The Dog with 9 Lives


Elmo is a special poodle/terrier cross, who decided to live life to the fullest. Dr. Buxton told me a story from when Elmo was about 4 years old.  At that time he was diagnosed with incurable, severe kidney disease.  Dr. Buxton and all the veterinarians involved in his care expected him to live only a few months. Many years later, Elmo is still with us (and healthy), and has surprised us all many times with his incredible resilience.  Throughout the years, Elmo has suffered many common doggie issues, like skin and ear infections, umpteen bouts of diarrhea, and lameness. It is the more serious issues however, that he seems to overcome with incredible regularity.  In addition to his brush with kidney failure (by the way, he has perfect kidneys now!), he suffered a rectal tumor, which inexplicably went away on its own.  Recently he arrived on our doorstep partially paralyzed, but he obviously wasn’t yet ready for a doggie wheelchair.  He has since regained full function of his hind legs . Elmo just turned 15 years old this year and appears to be spry and healthy (he still tries to bite Dr. Buxton!).  Way to go Elmo!

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